Home Staging Solutions

To put it simply – staging is about selling homes fast and for top dollar.  Whether it’s a luxurious model home, urban loft, or beach bungalow, Allure has the knowledge, experience and savvy to stage the space specific to the target audience and appeal to their emotions.  Together with our design talent and market expertise, we have the know-how to create beautiful first impressions that will remain long after the showing.

Vacant Home Staging
People do not buy just a house; they buy a lifestyle and the next phase of their lives.  Emotion influences what people buy and how much they are willing to pay.  Vacant houses are lacking in life and as a result, the emotional connection is lost.   Allure has an extensive inventory of furniture, lighting, art, and accessories that will work with many different styles. 

Occupied Home Staging
Using your existing furnishings we will rearrange, edit and possibly supplement from our inventory to ensure your home shows to its fullest potential

Staging Consultations
A terrific solution for the DIYer. We will walk through your entire property with a fresh eye; make suggestions and tips along with a comprehensive checklist that you will receive before we leave.  Once you have completed the work, we’ll return for a final walk through to ensure your house is ready for market.